Nanny Cams

What You Need to Know About Nanny Cams

Nanny cams are a popular term for wireless spy cameras that are hidden in ordinary objects. It sounds like a cool spy gadget from a James Bond movie, but it’s a real kind of spy equipment for average people to use.

Nanny Spy Cam

Nanny Spy Camera

The nanny spy cam got its name because it has been used to monitor nannies and babysitters who are caring for children, but it can be used to monitor anyone. Parents also use nanny spy cams to monitor their babies if they are in another room. This is especially helpful if they go to another floor of their home and often provides greater peace of mind than baby monitors because they can see their children and not just hear them.

A nanny cam can also be hooked up to an internet connection for viewing at any location. Parents can use spy cams to watch what is going on at home while they are at work.

Nanny Cameras Models

There are many models of nanny cams. You can buy ones that are pre-hidden in items such as plants, air purifiers, and even televisions. You’re buying the item as well as the nanny hidden camera, so some of them will be more costly. Many of the nanny cams come with a memory card that you can plug into a computer. Some of them are WiFi capability so they transmit the video to a computer.

Some of the nanny cams have motion sensors so they aren’t running all of the time. There are also now infrared nanny cams that can record in almost total darkness, which is helpful if a burglar is trying to get in your house in the dark.

Choose what Nanny Camera to Buy

Choosing which of the nanny cams to buy is a matter of personal choice. You will want to look for the one with the features you need as well the price you are willing to pay. The fancier models can cost several hundred euro, but the cheap ones are very limited in what they can do. If you buy a pre-hid model, what you buy will depend on what will work best in your home so that no one knows what it truly holds.

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